Introducing the succulent sweetness of Indian pears, proudly exported by Essveekey! Our pears are a delectable delight, sourced from the finest orchards across India.

Handpicked at the peak of perfection, our pears exhibit a luscious texture, a smooth skin, and a satisfying sweetness. Each pear is meticulously chosen to ensure exceptional quality and flavor.

Sourced from the abundant regions of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Jammu and Kashmir, our pears are cultivated using sustainable farming practices and stringent quality control measures. This guarantees that only the freshest and most flavorful pears make it to your customers’ tables.

Packed with essential vitamins, dietary fiber, and antioxidants, our pears offer a nutritious and refreshing snack.

Whether enjoyed fresh on their own, added to salads, or incorporated into mouthwatering desserts, our pears bring a burst of natural sweetness to every bite.

At Essveekey, we are committed to delivering the highest quality produce. Our pears undergo rigorous quality checks to meet international standards, ensuring that each fruit delivers a perfect balance of flavor and juiciness.

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