Introducing the exotic and flavorful Indian jackfruit, proudly exported by Essveekey! Our jackfruits are sourced from the finest orchards across India, known for their exceptional quality and unique taste.

Carefully handpicked and expertly packed, our jackfruits showcase a large and spiky exterior, revealing a treasure trove of golden, sweet flesh inside. Each jackfruit is selected with utmost care to ensure superior quality and freshness.

Sourced from the tropical regions of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, our jackfruits are grown using sustainable farming practices and stringent quality control measures. This guarantees that only the finest and most flavorful jackfruits make it to your customers’ tables.

Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and dietary fiber, jackfruits offer a range of health benefits.

Known for their meaty texture and distinct tropical flavor, they make a versatile ingredient in both savory and sweet dishes.

At Essveekey, we prioritize sustainability and responsible sourcing. Our commitment to quality ensures that our jackfruits are delivered fresh, maintaining their natural sweetness and nutritional value.

Choose Essveekey for the finest Indian jackfruits, known for their taste, quality, and freshness. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and delivering exceptional produce. Contact us today to bring the richness of Indian jackfruits to your customers worldwide.