About Us

Essveekey Enterprises

A Few Words About Us

Essveekey is the prime supplier of high quality fresh fruits and vegetables supply in Bangalore. Products, straight out of the farms, are distributed to food Modern retail chains, open markets, Private Retail Outlets, Outstation Supply and supermarkets.

We trade the extensive range of fresh all range of fruits, Leafy Vegetables & Vegetables including the natural produce, traditional & the exotic vegetables.

Our Mission

Develop accessible market place for farmers, food processors and entrepreneurs in produce supply chain. Create value for the customers, producers, employees and all stakeholders by optimizing resources.

Our Vision

To Improve the farmer’s wealth & customers has to get the fresh produce meanwhile requirements on time supply. We were focusing to get the company brand in the industry.

Our Values

We are committed to deliver high-quality products and awesome services at a superior value. We are always happy to help or serve our customers and suppliers.

Why Choose Us?


Essveekey embraces innovative farming and business practices that aspire to bring nothing but top-of-the-line fresh and nutritional products to communities worldwide.


Essveekey takes pride in a strong track record in worldwide fresh produce delivery that meets the highest possible standards of agricultural regulations and procedures.


The company is managed by agriculture experts whose priorities are integrity, quality, service, people and commitment and are especially passionate about helping worldwide communities maintain a stronger livelihood.